Perché Senza Latte

Perché senza latte animale?

sostenibilità. salute e rispetto.

Today we can state that a plant based diet has a lower environmental impact than a diet based on animal products. una dieta a base vegetale ha un impatto ambientale drasticamente minore di una dieta con prodotti animali.

Our creations are made of non-animal products , our products are naturally lactose-free and cholesterol-free. Most of the fats are monounsatured fats, like olive oil. They contain tocophenol, a delta compound of vitamin E with strong antioxidant properties. There are significant quantities of proteins, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese and Phosphorus.

I fermenti vivi presenti nei Fromaggi e negli Yonut sono benefici per la flora batterica intestinale e la salute del nostro apparato digerente.

There are no "dairy" cows. Like any mammal, these females produce mammary excretion for the growth of the child after pregnancy. What does this imply? Artificial inseminations, repeated pregnancies and a life of pain and bondage. Mothers are separated from their newborn children, headed for the slaughterhouse, where the mothers will join them as soon as their "productivity" fails.

Why without milk?

Because it's possible and it's better for everyone.

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